Jamie Hulley Arts Fund | Our Impact
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Our Impact

Jamie’s life mantra was “what would I want with small dreams?” And following her lead, the Jamie Hulley Arts Foundation continues to dream big in order to have the biggest artistic impact.

The Foundation’s impact is like the arts itself – vibrant, individually defined, enriching in a manner difficult to quantify, momentarily beautiful, life changing…



We are a 100% volunteer operation so all of the proceeds of our fundraising efforts are dedicated to our scholarship, educational programs, and early career & community project sponsorship’s.



We have grown exponentially since our humble beginnings in 2002, consisting only of two college scholarships and our Legacy Program awards. In the past 16 years, we have sponsored 219 educational programs in area schools; awarded college scholarships to 32 students; awarded 7 talent development scholarships; sent 168 youth to summer theatre camp; and sponsored 7 early career development projects and 43 community projects.

1,000 +


We seek to form mutually enriching relationships with individuals, schools, and community organizations. Some last for only the length of the project and others take root and grow. The impact of our relationships, at the very least, provides us with a momentary escape from the ordinary and a glimpse into a universe of possibilities and, at best, these relationships have the power to transform lives and build a more creative tomorrow.


Our four distinct programs are centered around the singular goal of providing educational and professional development opportunities to young artists and early career professionals to expand their artistic talent and pursue their dreams. Read more on the details of our impact…